Tony Robbins: His Favorite Technology

Tony Robbins: His Favorite Technology

Motivational speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Tony Robbins, is all about the latest and greatest technology to enhance his life to help him perform at his best. What is one of his secrets to success that he has shared with the world through interviews and podcasts? Cryotherapy!

Everyone talks about his morning routine. What does Tony Robbins do on the daily that allows him to always be on the top of his game? Cryotherapy is a part of his morning routine to get his day started! In many interviews, Robbins attributes

Cryotherapy to aiding his recovery. Cryotherapy is great for muscle recovery after working out, but he also explains how he needs to recover after his extremely long seminars. Sometimes, Robbins is on stage talking to thousands of people for 12 hours straight. This is extremely draining and hard on the body, which is why 3-minute Cryotherapy sessions help to reset the nervous system and greatly shorten body recovery time. Cryotherapy helps to give him the energy to get through these seminars, which is about the equivalent to running a marathon!

The endorphin rush that comes with doing Cryotherapy sessions can have long lasting effects, and doing treatments everyday can help you achieve that “runners high” feeling all day everyday. Tony Robbins does 3-minute treatments that benefit both his clarity of thinking, as well as reducing inflammation and getting him through his vigorous schedule.

There is no surprise that Robbins has a Cryotherapy machine in his house and that it is a part of his morning routine! He is one of many celebrities and professional athletes who have their own machine for personal use. Cryotherapy can help you add value to your life by increasing your performance and output.

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